ROCK'S BLOG: Super Bowl Predictions

January 31, 2018

As I have in the past, I asked some of my Twitter followers for predictions on Sunday's game and if they thought Justin Timberlake would have a special guest during the halftime show.

Can the underdog Eagles pull of the upset?  Will Brady win yet another Super Bowl ring?  And will Janet Jackson be back possibly wearing a turtleneck to prevent a wardrobe malfunction?

My prediction--

Eagles 31
Patriots 27

Chris Stapleton will be JT's halftime guest. 

(Photo courtesy of USA Today Images)



Erin Dugan (Fox56) @ErinFOX56

FLY EAGLES FLY!! Birds win it 24-21!! JT will bring out Janet and also do a number with the guys from NSYNC.


Senator Lisa Baker @SenLisaBaker

My pick is for an Eagles win 24-17 & I hope JT goes solo but a cameo by Janet would be fun to see.  FlyEaglesFly!


Sharla McBride (WNEP) @SharlaMcBride

Hey! I predict Eagles win 24 Patriots 21. I think JT will have NSync as his halftime surprise guest! Here's hoping--


Candice Kelly (WBRE) @Candice_Kelly17

Patriots 28 Eagles 24. I think Justin Timberlake will perform solo But I think there will be some kind of Prince tribute during the performance. (Like a hologram, perhaps?)


Chris Langlois (WBRE) @ChrisLangloisAM

20-17 Patriots. I predict Janet Jackson is going to be his guest

Scott Schaffer (WNEP) @Schafferwnep

NE 16-7. (I always pick the same score as the Jets victory in SB3) Halftime guest? Is that a mystery? I'm not keeping tabs lol.  Janet Jackson.


Brian Coe (WBS Penguins) @brian_coe

New England 42-27. Iggy Azalea.


Dave Bohman (WNEP) @DBohmanWNEP

Patriots 27 Eagles 24. With @Pharrell as halftime guest. With everyone calling for @JanetJackson why no love for @upwithpeople ?


Will Beekman (FM Kirby Center) @WillBeekman

30-27 Eagles win.  Janet Jackson.


Andy Mehalshick (WBRE) @AndyMehalshick

Patriots 34 Eagles 31


Julie Sidoni (WNEP) @JulieSidoniWNEP

As much as I hate the Patriots and I'm rooting for the Eagles (Steelers fan here), I do think Pats will win.  They do every %^*# time.  27-21. Halftime guest? Man, no idea.  Britney? Or Jimmy Fallon.  Nah, Jay Z, final answer.


(Photo courtesy of USA Today Images)