ROCK'S BLOG: Super Bowl Predictions

February 3, 2017

(Photos thanks to USA Today Images)

So we are 2 days away from Super Bowl 51, the Big Game, the most watched TV event all year.  Time to reveal my big pick for the game.

Ya gotta go Brady, right? He's the GOAT. (Greatest of all time).  7 Super Bowls.  5 wins.  And how can you go wrong with one of the greatest coaches of all-time, Bill Belichick?

I think the Patriots will be totally prepared to win yet ANOTHER Super Bowl.  2 minutes left.  Pats down by 2.  Brady drives his team 82 yards for the winning score with 10 seconds left.

That's what my head tells me.  It seems like a no brainer to pick New England.

And that's why I'm picking Atlanta.

Atlanta 34
New England 28

I asked a bunch of folks for their picks.  Here's what they said.

Enjoy the game!



New England 35 Atlanta 10 –Dave Caulfield/WBRE

Atlanta 34 New England 31 –Will Beekman/FM Kirby Center

Atlanta 16 New England 7 –Scott Schaffer/WNEP

New England 35 Atlanta 30 –Erin Dugan/Fox56

New England 27 Atlanta 24 –Eddie Schwarztrauber/Tunkhannock Auto Mart

New England 31 Atlanta 28 –Andy Mehalshick/WBRE

New England 34 Atlanta 21 --Candice Kelly/WBRE

Atlanta 34 New England 24 –Tony/Backyard Alehouse/Scranton

New England 31 Atlanta 17 –Brian Coe/WBS Penguins

Atlanta 31 New England 27 –Mike “OB” O’Brien/WBS Penguins

Atlanta 31 New England 24 –Carlos Greer/Page 6/NY Post

New England 31 Atlanta 27 –Jasmine Brooks/WBRE

Atlanta 28 New England 24 –Chef Gene Philbin/Peculiar Culinary

Atlanta 34 New England 27 –Sharla McBride/WNEP

New England 31 Atlanta 28 –Chris Langlois/ WBRE

New England 34 Atlanta 31 –Ryan Leckey/WNEP