ROCK'S BLOG: Remembering Paul O'Neill

April 6, 2017

I was totally speechless when I saw this post pop up in my Facebook newsfeed last night--

The entire Trans-Siberian Orchestra family, past and present, is heartbroken to share the devastating news that Paul O’Neill has passed away from chronic illness.
He was our friend and our leader -- a truly creative spirit and an altruistic soul. This is a profound and indescribable loss for us all.
We ask that you respect Paul’s family’s privacy now.
We will make additional announcements shortly.

Paul was not only an incredible musician & composer but a truly generous man.  We've had Paul on the morning show numerous times.  And if you ever heard him on the air, it certainly wasn't a secret how passionate he was about the music and the band.

Paul always gave back to the communities TSO played, including NEPA.  And he thought nothing of handing out tour jackets, TSO boxed sets or even Silver Dollars to fans at his shows. 

Here's another account of his generosity from a comment left on the TSO Facebook page--

He called it “whacking”. It began near his property on 12th Street, Manhattan. He’d get his driver to circle Union Square while he identified a suitable beggar; then he’d jump out, shove a hundred-dollar bill into their hand, jump back in and drive off. Soon, he realised that many of the people he was giving to were schizophrenic and he was scaring them out of their wits. So he started passing the money to his daughter because, he reasoned, they were more likely to accept it from a three-year-old girl. He gradually increased the amount he gave – from a hundred to ten, twenty, fifty thousand dollars in a roll of notes. Paul O’Neill and his daughter would drive around the square and she’d say: “Let’s whack ’em, Dad, let’s whack ’em hard.”

So THANK YOU Paul O'Neill, for all that you've given us, both with your music and your heart.