ROCK'S BLOG: Queen Concert Review

August 8, 2019


Well, we might miss a house payment this month, but it was well worth seeing Queen + Adam Lambert Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  They sold out back-to-back nights on their epic "The Rhapsody Tour."  Tickets are pricey for this tour, especially if you have to go thru a broker like we did.

The show lasted just over 2 hours.  And there was no opening act...just Queen.

Early in the show Adam Lambert took a moment to talk to the crowd:  “I’m going to address the pink elephant in the room…I'm not Freddie. And there is no replacing the rock God known as Freddie Mercury."

Adam continued to cheers:

"I'm just the same as all of you. I am also a big fan. I'm just up here in a gay suit singing. So can you make me a little promise tonight, ladies and gentlemen? That we will celebrate Freddie and Queen together."

Classy move.

A few other highlights:

*Adam performing “Bicycle Race” on a motorcycle.

*Brian May on acoustic guitar singing “Love of My Life” as the entire venue was lit up with the lights from cellphones.

*A video of Freddie Mercury's vocal improvisation from the group's 1986 Wembley Stadium performance.   

*The encore:  "Bohemian Rhapsody" featuring a mind-melting guitar solo by Brian.

Like Adam said, there's no replacing Freddie Mercury.  But kudos to the band for letting Adam step in to keep their music alive.

Adam Lambert performs "Bicycle Race" on a motorcycle.


"Somebody to Love" was epic!



Brian May performs "Love of My Life" & the crowd lights up the room.


"Good night NYC!!!"

Thank you Queen for an AMAZING night!