December 19, 2017

Wanted to pass along this message we received from listener K Lynn yesterday.

We are so happy she shared her story!!!


Good morning KRZ!

I have something pretty awesome that made my week the best I’ve ever had in a long time.  My boyfriend joined the Army and was down at Fort Jackson for basic combat training.  We went down there this past week for his family day and graduation ceremony.

Over the Summer we went to the Blue Moon Bash at Montage & I had won a pair of blue KRZ sunglasses.  Since the weather changes on a dime down South, I always have them on me.

On Thursday for his ceremony, we went down on the field to “tap” him out and he decided to propose right there on the field. 

His family had taken pictures of the proposal and the most focused pictures were when I had the glasses on. 

I wanted to share this moment with you because we love KRZ and you guys made the proposal more interesting!



Isn’t that a cool story?

Congratulations & best of luck to the KRZ sunglasses couple!!!