ROCK'S BLOG: How $10 Saved Someone's Job

August 31, 2018

I didn’t realize it at the time, but being honest might have saved someone’s job.

I was driving back from a meeting in Scranton the other night.  It was late & I hadn’t eaten dinner yet so I pulled in to the Wendy’s drive-thru around 9p.  I ordered a Berry Blast salad, gave the young guy at the window a Twenty, and he gave me my change.

I put the receipt on my car seat & was putting my change back in my wallet when I noticed he only gave me 4 singles as change from my Twenty.  He forgot the Ten.

I pointed out his mistake, he nervously apologized, then hurried to get someone to open the register to give me my correct change.

He apologized again & I put the Ten in my wallet.

It wasn’t after pulling into my driveway that I realized the mistake I had made.  The Ten he originally gave me was stuck to the receipt and was on my car seat.  So now I had an extra Ten dollars.

Exhausted from the day, I decided to go back to Wendy’s after work the next day to return the Ten.

The following day I was back at Wendy’s asking for the manager.  I told him about MY MISTAKE & he thanked me for my honesty.  The drive-thru kid that I thought had short-changed me was written up.  His register was $10 short for the night, thanks to me!

The manager thanked me again, and offered to buy me lunch.

And the guy next to me in line said: "You may have just saved that kid's job."