ROCK'S BLOG: Driving Thru a Roundabout

October 23, 2018

So the new Dallas Roundabout is open!

I railed against this project the last few years.  It's been a nightmare getting around Dallas while PennDot completed the work.

Friday I drove through the roundabout for the 1st time...and...I'm a fan.  It totally eliminates the traffic lights that created a bottleneck in the center of Dallas every afternoon.  I had a vision of something confusing like the craziness at the airport.

So far I haven't seen any issues.

Just remember to YIELD when entering the roundabout! 


From the Dallas Borough PD

Entrance to the roundabout is controlled by YIELD signs. 

Entering traffic MUST ALWAYS YIELD to circulation traffic.

Driving STRAIGHT THRU the roundabout:

Keeping to the same travel lane you were in when you entered the roundabout use the right turn

signal and take the second exiting opportunity.