ROCK'S BLOG: Charlie Puth said WHAT???!!!

August 18, 2017

I've been a radio DJ since my 20's and I STILL screw up song lyrics.

I remember hearing Charlie Puth's song Attention for the first time and I honestly thought he was singing "You've been runnin' around throwin' that turtle on my knee!"  Sure it doesn't make sense, but it REALLY sounds like that's what Charlie's singing. 

And Bruno Mars' latest Versace on the Floor?  When Bruno belts out "I unzip the back to watch it fall" I thought he was saying "Unzip the vacuum bag..." :)  Pretty sexy, right?

Liss revealed yesterday that her Dad thinks the new Calvin Harris jam Feels is a fishing song!

Aren't they singing "Don't be afraid to catch fish?"

Listen for yourself!





(Photo courtesy of USA Today Images)