ROCK'S BLOG: 10 Year Anniversary!


June 30, 2019

Yesterday I celebrated my 10th Anniversary of being Heart Healthy!  10 years ago I underwent heart surgery at the Geisinger Hospital.  At the time I was running 5K's & just completed my first 1/2 marathon.  I felt perfectly fine.  Little did I know that I had a leaky valve. Luckily for me they were able to repair the valve and I didn't need an artificial or cow/pig replacement.

Knock on wood...I haven't had any issues since.

So yesterday I celebrated good health with a solo hike at Rickett's Glen State Park.  If you've never hiked the falls, I strongly suggest you fit it into your Summer plans.  I did the upper Falls Loop which took just under 2 hrs.  If you want a more adventurous trip, start from the Rt 118 lot.

Here's to a good hike & staying heart healthy!