ROCK'S BLOG: Weekend Reunion

September 7, 2020
Little Brother Ray & Rocky

What a great reunion  on Sunday! 

Sue was having some appliances moved into a client's house.  She called me & said "Come to the end of the driveway.  There's someone you need to meet.  And bring your phone.  You'll want to take a photo."

Not knowing who I was about to meet, I waited at the end of the driveway with my phone.

A red pickup pulled up.  A young man jumped out of the driver's side and asked "Remember me?"

This happens way too often in radio.  Sometimes I remember the face.  Other times I remember the face & the person or situation we met.  But this time I was coming up empty.

"I'm Ray.  You were my big brother 15 years ago!"

I immediately smiled.  And Ray started filling in the details of what we did that day.

Ray has grown into a fine young man.  Engaged to be married.  A volunteer with Nanticoke ambulance.  And soon to be a big brother himself.

Great seeing you again, Ray.  I'm so proud of what you've become.