ROCK'S BLOG: True Story that Friends Think is a Lie

January 9, 2020

When I was in college I got pulled over for armed robbery. TRUE STORY!  And most people don't believe me.  My friends & I were driving around after the bars closed in a white van.  A cop pulled up behind us & flashed his lights.  We freaked.  As we tried hiding the beer in the van he got out of his cruiser and in a stern voice said: "Driver.  Out of the vehicle!"  Then he & his partner proceeded to get all of us out of the van face down on the ground as they both had guns pointed at us.  After a frightening 60 seconds (it seemed much longer than that!) his partner apologized & said our van fit the description of another involved in a robbery.  He warned us to "watch it with the beer" and drove off in pursuit of the real perps!

Great stories on the radio today.  Here's a few...

Was almost kidnapped by Gary heidnick ( phillys version of jeffry Dahmer) Was in the McDonald's that he used to stalk victims. He came up to our table & asked my step mother if she wanted him to watch me so she could go order. She declined ..... months later when he was caught we realized how close we were to EVIL!!!

Got pulled over for erratic driving on 81 trying to find a place to pull over because a bird flew in my car through my drivers side window, thankfully didnt get a ticket but the bird didn't make it, was dead on the back seat

I was pulled over by the swat team in NY on a major road. Apparently a Home Depot was robbed and the person in the getaway car had the same car I had and I was pulling out of the same complex visiting a different store at the same time ..some guy, thinking he was a good Samaritan, followed me until the cops caught up with me ..and there I was all dressed up going to work with the car seat in the back and my hands on my head with guns pointed at me ...very true story!

I saw Drew Brees naked.

Not about me, but my husband was a paid dancer in college at the woodlands ------ 100% truth.

My last relationship... While we were dating, my boyfriend met and married another woman and got engaged to two others while we were living together. It's a real life Time movie. And that's just the highlights! 

One story No One Believes but is true for me is that I fell off a roller coaster when I was younger. It was on a low turn and happened in the 90's where it was still one lap restraint for the entire car. The person I was sitting with was taller than me so on the turn, I just slipped out over the side. No broken bones, but an extreme fear of roller coasters.

I was on Oprah…a segment called “Remembering your Spirit”….October of 2000.

That's an easy one. The time I ran myself over with my dad's Corvette. Nobody ever believes it but it happened.

Many years ago my dysfunctional family decided to get together and throw a birthday party for my grandmother ( bad idea to start with). Whelp the family never gets along and loves to indulge in alcohol beverages. Needless to say they all started fist fighting. Cops gets called and everyone has beer muscles. A few family members start assaulting officers. Swat was called and yeah --‍♀️ I can't imagine why my grandparents died young.

I won a trip to Jamaica on McDonald’s Monopoly

So I used to live with my boyfriend’s sister and my mom hates my boyfriend still to this day. She wanted me to come home even though I was over 18 at the time. She decided she would call the cops and gave them my name and said my boyfriend had a gun. So my boyfriends very pregnant sister at the time answers the door to 2 cops holding guns at her. We laughed it off after we explained what was going on to the cops.

Was pulled over for what they thought was I had a stolen car....5 cops surround me right at a stop light..get out, guns drawn yelling at me to put my hands up and get out of the car...I said what did I do....they said this car is reported stolen...I said ummmm no, here's my registration and insurance... ITS IN MY NAME....they all chuckled and off they went after their bout crappin yourself

I pulled a Tommy Boy at the gas station and bent the driver side door back

I went for a massage. I was a few months pregnant at the time. The woman was older. As I was laying there with My eyes closed, I can feel her slumping over Me more and more. I thought She was dead. I was so scared! Needless to say, She was not dead...She fell asleep on Me literally.

I was drafted in the Marines when I was 18 they spelled my name wrong thought I was a guy

I found a human molar in my rice krispies when i was pregnant, i chewed on it. It didnt belong to anyone in my house

 I was pulled off of a Greyhound bus and questioned because I fit the description of the daughter of a member of a Canadian mob family (and my maiden name was the same as this family’s). I was like 19 and was like, “what the heck?” I didn’t know until years later that there was a Canadian mob family that had my last name!