ROCK'S BLOG: My Heart Story


June 30, 2020

It started with a heart murmur.

11 years ago I went in for a normal physical checkup.  My doctor noticed a murmur. She said it could be nothing but she wanted me to go for further testing. Little did I know that within a few months I’d be be having major heart surgery to repair a leaky valve. A surgery that potentially saved my life.

Were there warning signs?  None.

I had been running a lot back then.  And even finished my first ever ½ marathon the month before.

After consulting with a heart surgeon at the Geisinger Heart Hospital, I decided to be pro-active & have the surgery done now.

Luckily they were able to repair my heart valve & I didn’t need an artificial one.

I woke up from surgery feeling like an 80 yr old man.  But within days I was up walking and was released from the hospital a week later.

4 weeks after that I was back to work behind the mic at KRZ.

I’ll always be grateful to the medical staff at Geisinger.  Their excellent care got me back on my feet in a short time.

On this, the 11th anniversary of my heart surgery I’ll leave you with these words--

Don’t neglect your health.  Treat your heart with love & care.  And always try to eat a heart healthy diet.


Tips for eating healthy from the American Heart Association


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