Grey Plays '10 Shades Of Grey' and Details the Making of "Want You Back"

The two weigh in on 'Grey's Anatomy', Grey Goose, and Grey Poupon

February 1, 2019

GRAMMY-nominated Grey is set on continuing their hit streak in 2019.

The duo is nominated for Record Of The Year at the upcoming 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards for their work on "The Middle", and are already off and running with "Want You Back" featuring LÉON. The regretful bop balances the strong voice of the Swedish singer with an immersive beat provided by the two brothers from California.

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Before we got the background on Kyle and Michael's latest collaboration, we challenged them to a game of 10 Shades Of Grey. Not 50 because that's honestly too many shades. Instead we asked them about all of the "Grey" items we could think of. From Grey's Anatomy to Grey Poupon, the two weigh in on a bunch of other achromatic colored creations. It's much brighter than it sounds.

Check out the hilarious results above, and check out Grey's emotional video for "Want You Back" below.