YOUR Resident Foodie MANIC MARC's Adventure in NYC

June 8, 2017

To all of my fellow happened...It's YOUR Resident Foodie here and I went on a FOODIE Adventure that will be one to remember!
I was asked by a friend (Thank You Miss T) to go see ABC's THE CHEW in NYC. Say No to that? That's like a child saying NO to a cupcake :p But anyway, the day was great...we had VIP tickets, so we got inside early and I ended up getting a seat right in the front row. I've been to other shows before and this studio was pretty much like all the other ones...way smaller than you think it is when you see it on TV. The theme of the show was "State Fair Favorites" YUM! Daphne who just recently announced she was pregnant again, wasn't there and Mario wasn't either. So it was 3 of my favs...Carla, Clinton and Michael as the Hosts for the day. Did the normal audience warm-ups to wake you up and get you pumped up and then we recorded some clapping and laughing...lots of clapping and that they would insert later into the show in spots. The show started and everyone was doing their thing, when all of a sudden...I see out of the corner of my eye...a producer and my NOW BFF Carla Hall lurking toward me, pointing at my tie. Which by the way was a bow tie with Peanuts on it :p I'm known for my signature bow ties that I have specially made...I also have one with sprinkles and POPCORN as well. So there is the producer and Carla, right in front of me with Carla pointing at my tie and giving one of her signature crazy reactions :) They come over and talk to me and she tells me that she has chosen me as "BEST DRESSED" for the day. So we are going to record a segment together that will air during the show...OMG! I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, but this was pretty amazing, especially for a FOODIE like myself and HELLO, it's CARLA HALL! :p So a little later, Carla did come over with a big sign that said BEST DRESSED and they started pumping out some dance there Carla and I are dancing and talking and let me tell you, she's got some good moves! She was one of the most personable celebrities I've ever met, we talked for quite a long time... I told her about YOU guys and the other FOODIE things I do as well. So then we filmed our segment, we danced it up and I showed off my tie and then they finished doing the rest of the show. She said she'd be back to take some selfies with me :) So she ended up coming back, we talked some more, took some selfies...she gave me the warmest hug and gave me a shirt with a cute little gold ribbon on it. When the show aired on Wednesday (the same day) I ended up getting on in some audience shots quite a few times, which was nice. I'm sure I'm missing some things as the day was a complete whirlwind, but if I think of anything else I will share it with you! So then my day was done right...or was it? ;) Later that day...I'm not big on twitter...not really a fan of it...but sometimes I will. This was one of those I tweeted her and later in the day...she tweeted me back...TWICE. So I think this was a pretty incredible, eventful day. And who knows, sometime may see me on there again and Carla and I will be cooking something together ;)

Let's get this hashtag goin... #manicONthechew

Feel free to email me anytime you want to talk about something FOODIE related or if YOU wanna take me on a FOODIE adventure somewhere:

Hope all my Foodies enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed sharing it with YOU!

<3 Manic Marc

I've posted some pics here...including our selfies, the tweets and a vid from my "BEST DRESSED" moment LIVE on TV...ENJOY: (make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom and see



Carla Hall and I LOVE our Selfies

Carla Hall and I chatting it up about LIFE, FOOD and MORE

Carla Hall and I taking time for some selfies...I definitely got time for that lol

Carla Hall's 1st Tweet to me

Carla Hall's 2nd Tweet to me

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST...My "BEST DRESSED" TV DEBUT...cutting up a rug with Carla Hall LIVE on The CHEW