YOUR Resident Foodie Manic Marc Reporting for Duty

March 24, 2017

Hey it's Manic Marc YOUR Resident Foodie at KRZ with another helpful tip to make your next recipe an even better one.

Lately, I've been finding myself using liquor to make my flavors more intense ion my recipes.

Whether it's to marinate something or just pouring it in to a sauce, soup or really does the trick.

For instance, recently I made my amazing French Onion Soup and changed it up a bit by adding A LOT of burgundy wine ;) Shhhh!

It really enchanced the flavors and made the broth rich and flavorful.

Sorry to all my FOODIES, I haven't been posting that much and been busy doing the foodie thing and with my well as the KRZ thing...but

I promise to post more and give you what you want Foodies! If you check out the KRZ facebook page on Saturdays during my show from 10am-3pm, you will

find me posting lots of Foodie related content, vids, pics etc...So Check that out and get your foodie fix that way too.


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<3 ~Manic Marc