The Manic Marc Show is Postponed till further notice!

March 20, 2020
The Manic Marc Show is Postponed till further notice!


Dear Mannequins & Foodie Friends,

I was just informed about this situation and I just wanted to share it with YOU.

The Manic Marc Show has been postponed till further notice due to all this Corona craziness.

I am NOT sick and this is just a precaution for not only my health and safety, but also for my fellow co-workers at KRZ.

I miss ALL of you already...and will definitely miss all of our FOODIE FUN that we have on a Saturday together most of all.

As soon as I get the word that The Manic Marc Show is given the green light to start up again, YOU will be the first to know...well the 2nd after ME!

That being said...I am going to attempt doing some fun things online and socially with you while I am in this hiatus.

Soooo, right now...head on over to the Manic Marc Facebook Fan Page:  and give it a LIKE and FOLLOW!

I will be popping on every now and then, and especially during the normal show time (Saturdays 10am-3pm) and spending some time with YOU via Facebook LIVES.

I would love for you to join me during that time, since we all don't have anything else better to do and spending time with one another is all we've got right now.

We will get through this...TOGETHER! <3

Thank you again for all of your love and support throughout the years...and now most importantly!

<3 Manic Marc