Manic Marc's PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs

January 14, 2020
Manic Marc's PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs

The other morning YOUR KRZ Resident Foodie and LIVE with Kelly and Ryan's Grillin'Spiration WINNER was talking about a hard boiled egg recall and why people would even buy premade hard boiled eggs in the first place.

So I'm here to share the secrets of Manic Marc's PERFECT Hard Boiled YOU can do it yourself, save yourself some money, time and avoid any sickness.

1) put YOUR eggs in a pot and fill it with water, WITHOUT the lid on
2) turn it on HIGH and watch for it to come to a boil
3) once it is rapidly boiling, put the LID ON and TURN the heat OFF
4) let it sit there for 13 minutes
5) then take the lid OFF and fill it with COLD water and ICE
6) let it sit for at least 5 minutes, but approximately 10 minutes
7) now YOU are ready to peel them, which there is a little trick to this...take the egg
and crack it on the counter and roll it back and forth...and the shell should come right off

It doesn't get any easier...and I hope this will help YOU!
If YOU ever have any FOODIE questions, don't hesistate
to message me or email me:

<3 Manic Marc