Manic Marc on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

May 31, 2019

*DIRECT links are below that will take you right to each video and make it super easy to vote*

If you missed ME and the BIG reveal with Jeff and Amanda on Thursday Afternoon...I am going to be a guest on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan this morning (Friday 5/31) at 9AM on ABC!

So if you don't get to watch the show at 9am, pull it up on your DVR and I am sure will you love it just as much as watching it live.

It has been an absolute whirlwind since announcing this yesterday and I can't thank you all enough for your love and support!

Now I have a favor to ask...starting at 10am after the show the fun and that is where YOU come in ;)

Here are the details...I hope I can count on YOUR votes and getting the word out to others to vote as well...Please and Thank you <3

You will only have 1 week to vote for Manic Marc! Voting Starts at 10am on Friday (5/31) and Ends on Wednesday (6/5) at 3pm!

There are 5 Ways to Vote:
1) - Click this link:
(click on the video and on the left side, click on the “heart” to vote for Manic’s video)

2) - Click this link:
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3) - Click this link:
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4) - Click this link:
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5) - Click this link:
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Limit one (1) Vote per person at per day during the Public Voting Period.

Limit one (1) Vote per person at,, and
during the entire applicable Voting Period.