A Look Back at Manic Marc's NATIONAL TV DEBUT on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

May 30, 2020
Manic Marc with Kelly and Ryan

Around this time last year YOUR 98.5 KRZ Resident Foodie ME...Manic Marc made my NATIONAL TV DEBUT on Live with Kelly and Ryan for their Grillin'Spiration Summer Cook-Off!

It's an experience that I will never forget and I am so thankful to have been chosen to be only 1 of 6 people that were chosen for the competition.

What a whirlwind it was and I appreciate all of you for YOUR support in this adventure!

As you know I ended up WINNING the entire competition and a trip to Italy, which thanks to "The Corona" has been cancelled twice so far, so I still haven't gotten there...yet! :(

Check out the original airing here:


Check out the WINNER announcement here, if YOU missed it:

Thank you for your continued support in all my adventures and many more to come!

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