Manic Marc on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

May 31, 2019

*I now put DIRECT links below that will take you right to each video and make it super easy to vote*

Did you see me Friday Morning cooking with Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest
on Live with Kelly and Ryan?
I just want to personally thank everyone so far that has reached out to me and for all the massive amount of support I've gotten so far.
I am very humbled and emotional about it all, as well as very thankful too.

I don't ask for much...but, now the real fun begins. Show me some <3 with lots of VOTES and spread the word and get even more VOTES with sharing and such!

There are 5 ways to vote...You will only have 1 week to vote for ME! Voting Started at 10am on Friday (5/31) and Ends on Wednesday (6/5) at 3pm!

The Ways to Vote:
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