Lissa Blog: PICS From Cousin Matt's Beautiful Wedding!

July 24, 2018

Was SO thrilled to be at my cousin Matt's wedding in Michigan over the weekend! Gorgeous day, wonderful party, here are some pics of people you don't know but I love very much...

Matt & his amazing wife Cam!

Me & Grandpa K...

Gram&Gramp K, Aunt Becky, Mom & Dad, Me...

Me with Mom & Dad :)

Me with Cousin Matt - CONGRATS Matt!!

Matt & Cam's baby Matt Jr - isn't he CUUUUTE????

Me, Mom, & Aunt Becky

Me with Cousin Jess (Matt's sister)...

Grandpa K did the blessing before dinner (and did a spectacular job!!!)

Caught Mom & Dad dancing! Haha love her reaction!