Lissa Blog: How To Move Up In Line For Taylor Swift Tickets!

November 14, 2017

As you know, Taylor's using the Ticketmaster Fan Verified program to prevent scalpers on her upcoming tour. Here's the link (below)! Register by Nov 28 if you've purchased the album and increase your odds! General public can buy them Dec 13 (her 28th birthday).

Once you register with the site, choose the city for which you want to “get in line,” and you’ll officially unlock access to the portal. Now, here’s where things get slightly more complicated: Boost activities increase your chances at scoring verified, face-value tickets. Here are all the activities you can do through the portal to prove your worthiness of a ticket before Nov. 28...

*Purchase the album (obviously)

*Make sure you’re following the verified Taylor Swift and Taylor Nation accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

*Another hint: Signing up for Swift’s official e-mail list will also help you out.

*Tweet a photo of the custom reputation UPS truck on Twitter with the hashtags #TaylorSwiftDelivery and #promo

*Use the “…Ready For It?” camera effect on Facebook

*Use the special reputation frame for your profile picture

*Stock up on merch, specifically Reputation merch!

*Taylor's partnership with AT&T has brought us quite the treasure trove of videos. There are three AT&T sponsored videos on the ticket hub that you can watch up to 10 times per day.

*Convince all your friends and family to join Taylor Swift Tix by sending them your own personalized link to score a boost



Cover image courtesy of USA Today