Lissa Blog: Awesome Life Hacks From Mom & Dad!

February 5, 2020

My mom used to have a separate pair of “pizza scissors” for cutting pizza. I now do this as an adult and it works like a dream! Here are some of the hacks our listeners got from THEIR parents…

Rachel: I also have scissors to cut food for my kids AND we have a separate set for cutting meat and another set for veggies. All color coordinated lol

Makenna: my mom used to tie my girlie hair bows to our luggage when we would travel. I always thought it looked so stupid, but finding a suitcase with a big pink bow on it at baggage claim is way easier

Dave: my dad always takes pictures of people’s business cards cuz he knows he’ll lose the card

Jessica: my mom would always use a clothes hanger with clips on it to hang the cookbook from a cupboard handle when she was cooking, so her recipe stayed at eye level

Lauren: my nana used to always condense condiment containers by balancing them on top of each other, with one upside down. I always thought she was crazy for doing it until I grew up and moved – I get every last drop of ketchup out of the bottle

Holly: my mom used to put pancake batter in a big empty ketchup bottle to get the perfect pour

Kayle: my mom takes a picture of wherever she parks so she can find the car

Caller: I use my mom’s packing hack all the time: Use gallon Ziploc bags to separate socks/bras/swimwear/etc so everything’s organized. Also helpful if your swimsuit is wet when you’re packing up to go home because it’s in a plastic bag

Texter: My parents used to tell me that when the ice cream truck drove around our neighborhood, that meant they were sold out. And yes, I’ve used that on my kids