Jeff + Amanda: Style Mag Daily's Maggie McGregor

January 11, 2019

Top Five Trends for Winter

with Style Mag Daily’s Maggie McGregor

Hiking Boots — funky takes on hiking boots are really popular right now and a great way to change up your ordinary snow boots for winters in NEPA

Silk scarves and Bandanas — square scarves are all the rage… tie them in your hair, around your neck, or wrap them around your wrist for an added accessory

Shearling Jackets — Faux or authentic sheepskin jackets with exposed fleece are really hot for winter. And, they are super cozy!

Teddy Coats — These cozy plush coats are the fashion trend women dream about: a big teddy bear hug!

Sneaker Boots — Sounds a bit odd, but stay with me! These are shoes with a sneaker sole and tread but funky down or winterized shafts.  Another way to mix up snow boots!

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