#EmailWednesday: Compassionate way to let someone down?

February 15, 2017

2.15.17 EMAIL WEDNESDAY: Our emailer writes...

I listen to you guys pretty much every day and because of the nature of my issue, I thought it be best I remain anonymous and send this to you.

I’ve been dating a woman for a few months now. I moved here temporarily for my job, but technically live down south, so I travel back and forth a lot. I met a great girl who is amazingly beautiful, exciting, and just SO special. Sadly, I’ve kept a big secret from her: I’m married. I know what everyone will be thinking and I can’t defend my actions, but what started as innocent flirting simply got out of hand and before I knew it, I was sucked into the charm and joy of this amazing woman.

We haven’t talked about a future, and because I know you’ll wonder, we have not been intimate, but we do see each other on a regular basis and she is always excited to see me.  My time in this area is coming to an end shortly and now I lie awake at night wondering how to handle this. Should I start fading out of the picture like I’ve lost interest? Should I just lay the truth out in from of her and break her heart?

I would truly love some real, non-judgmental advice especially from the women listening. What’s the most compassionate way to let someone down? Should I just tell her work is sending me back home and not tell her about my marriage?