Amanda's Blog: Holidays in Pictures!

January 2, 2019

Hi!!! Happy New Year! People keep asking if I had a relaxing week off for the holidays and I laugh. I have a toddler and an infant ... relaxing would not be how I would describe our holidays. While they weren't necessarily relaxing, they were amazing. Everly understood Christmas and was just precious with joy. Arden celebrated her first Christmas and is just a doll baby ... so happy and learning to grip toys with her hands. My mom came to PA for Christmas with us and we had a cozy Christmas at home ... an eventful week, and an amazing New Year's Eve! Here are my holidays in pictures! 

We started Christmas weekend off by going ice skating with Santa at Revolution Ice Centre in Pittston! That's also where my husband plays hockey ... so it was extra sweet to get Everly out on the same ice he plays on. She had a blast! It was a really cute event. We are really excited with all of the events and changes happening at Revolution - very family friendly! 

We went on the Santa trolley out of Steamtown and Everly's best buddy gave her an apron/baking set for Christmas. She couldn't wait to wear it and bake muffins together. She calls baking "mixing." Can she get any more adorable in that hat and apron?! 

Arden is happy to be alive and loves to hang out on cozy blankets! She's been rolling onto her side ... so we are awaiting the day she rolls over onto her belly!

These were our Christmas Eve jammies! (If you love Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, they were from their line at Target!) 

Arden would like to know why we continue to let her big sister "hold" her ... as Everly said "look Mama, no hands!"

We spent New Year's Eve in Times Square! We were invited (through John's work (APR Supply Co.) and amazing hosts, Fujitsu) to spend NYE in Times Square at an amazing party! There was great entertainment, an amazing view of the ball, and a great time had by all. A memorable, truly special New Year's Eve. 

I call this one ... when husbands take the selflie. 

That's the ball! We were basically above the ball! How awesome is that? 

Here's to 2019. Let's hope it's filled with beautiful memory-making moments, minimal stress, and good health. Love to you ... <3