Amanda's Blog: Graduation/College Gift Ideas

July 2, 2018

Over the weekend we went to New Jersey to celebrate our nephew's high school graduation and wanted to share this gift idea that went over really well! It's our go-to high school graduation/off to college gift!

If you're looking for a graduation/off to college gift idea, my nephew loved this DORM SURVIVAL KIT we gave him this past weekend! We filled an under bed storage container with tons of little things that come in handy when you're living the dorm life ... everything from duct tape, snacks, batteries, detergent, and air freshener... to plastic cutlery, gum, tylenol, Lysol wipes, and rubber gloves. Oh yeah - and some cash for FUN emergencies in a picture frame. 

We gave his older brother the same thing a few years ago and he says it has come in handy over and over again! 

Congratulations Ryan! :)