Fetch is changing the way we grocery shop!

May 2, 2016

Coming off the weekend into a Monday doesn't usually give me a lot to talk about. However that changed yesterday. While my normal Sunday is pretty mundane the typical laundry, cleaning and other tasks I truly despise that need to be done. I now can take one of those things off my dreaded Sunday list. Normally my girlfriend and I cap off this already exciting day with a trip to the grocery store. She calls it bonding I call it anxiety. Well that all changed yesterday as her and I headed into our local Gerrity's. Now normally the time consumption and the absolute terror of  spending lots of money puts me to the edge! That didn't happen yesterday,or will it going forward. As we walked into a crowded store on an early Sunday evening I saw a sign that read Fetch rewards. Now since I'm all about saving money and my girlfriend is a coupon Queen it naturally grabbed our attention immediately. Within 45 seconds I had downloaded the Fetch app watched a quick tutorial and off we went. Here's how Fetch works and why my stress and anxiety disappeared. The app allows you to scan each item you are looking to purchase giving you the exact amount you are spending. No more hoping your guestimation is correct and eliminating having to put items back in case you went over your budget! That right there is one of the most embarrassing things going and has happened to me numerous times! But not anymore. On top of that Fetch also had many coupons which were only available through the app and there were a lot of household items and names as well add in the gold card membership and that's a ton of savings. Now for the best part every item you scan is worth points the more points you accumulate the more you save. As you finish up you'll see specific isles that are meant for the Fetch program use these and don't make the embarrassing mistake I did and have to unpack and repack my cart lol. The Fetch app is exclusively at Gerrity's in Wyoming , Luzerne , Hanover Twp, and West Pittston and I posted a video below for you to learn more! Needless to say Sunday's are little less stressful! Now if I can only find an app for Laundry I would be set!!