Ask Fish

May 9, 2016

From time to time I'll have people hit me up asking my advice on certain situations like relationships etc. Thought I would start this since I now have a place to blog!! Recently a good friend of mine Mike hit me up on FB with this problem:

Mike: I've been out on four dates with another girl. I've paid for EVERYTHING on all four. Haven't even got any offers. She even asked me if I wanted drinks on the second date, after I spent money. I was thinking she intended to buy. Waited, waited, waited...nothing. I mentioned something and she ended up getting one (after I paid). I'm not a cheap ass, but by the fourth date, I would think she should start to at least offer to spend some money. It's been a debate that I've gotten mixed reactions on, is that a major red flag? 

So here is my advice Mike: In my opinion this is a huge red flag!!! Now don't get me wrong chivalry isn't dead in my opinion, however to not simply offer to help pay by the 4th date says a few things. 1. She might not really be that into you but since it's a free ride and nothing serious has taken place yet it's a no brainer for her. 2. She's filling time, meaning she might be waiting for something more ideal in her mind to come along but until then why not pass the time it's not costing her anything. Now maybe something will change come Date 5 but I wouldn't hold my breathe. If this was me I would start looking for someone else simply because in any relationship it takes two people to work as a team and finding this out early is never a bad thing. It's good to see a sign like this before it gets more serious and you end up in an unhappy relationship that goes down just a fast as your credit score would! 

Good luck my friend!