Amanda's Blog: How has it been going back to work?

April 26, 2016

The question I've been asked most frequently over the past couple of weeks is "how has it been going to back to work and leaving the baby?"

People are usually shocked when I say it's been great. I'm not sure if they just expect every working mom to feel massive amounts of guilt about going to back to work or if it's just an uncommon answer. It's definitely not easy kissing those adorable cheeks goodbye in the morning ... but the actual act of coming back to work and learning how to leave the house in a timely manner has been going really well. You should have seen me the first few weeks attempting to leave the house to take Everly to the doctor. I was a HOT MESS. Not only was I not at all presentable, but you'd think I was leaving for a week long vacation with the amount of bags I lugged around whenever leaving the house. It just felt completely overwhelming to go anywhere. When people ask how it's been going to back to work, I'm most proud of my ability to dress a baby, put together a decent outfit for myself, have a cup of coffee, and remember to wear deodorant before leaving the house to head to the sitter. Speaking of the sitter - she has really been one of the main reasons this adjustment back to work has gone so well. Let's just say she's an angel on earth and we are #blessed. No joke. She's amazing and someday I hope to find a way to properly convey my appreciation to her. 

Everly Update: my sweet little nugget is 14 weeks and is changing DAILY. Just last night she GIGGLED FOR THE FIRST TIME! Oh my gosh, it made my heart MELT. I get such a thrill out of seeing her smile, (you really have to work for her smiles, she doesn't just give them away) but a giggle just blew me away. She also slept 7 hours straight last night! 7-GLORIOUS-UNINTERRUPTED-HOURS! Ok, maybe not totally uninterrupted. I was in such shock that it was happening that I woke up 3x to check on her. #NewMomProbs Every day it seems like she's doing something new. She's been chewing on her hands, drooling like crazy, (we think she's teething already!) enjoying bath time, smiling all the time, (even though you often have to work for it) and growing out of CLOTHES! By the way, her favorite song is Meghan Trainor "No." 

It's so CRAZY how fast it's happening. I hear from parents all the time that they feel like they blinked and their child was graduating high school. I feel like I JUST HAD HER and here she is - GIGGLING! Whoa. I really can't thank you all enough for all of your love and support. XO 

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