Check Out Cardi B's Waterproof Line of 'WAP' Merch

Not listed - 'a bucket and a mop'

August 25, 2020

We all know Cardi B can make it rain, but in this particular instance we’re not talking about the green paper kind. We’re talking about precipitation ya’ll, and Cardi’s got us covered.

Cardi recently unveiled the Wapstore featuring a range of "WAP" merchandise, that might just have us doing a rain dance. The water-themed merch, inspired by her booty-bouncing collab single with Megan Thee Stallion, includes umbrellas, raincoats, spandex bra and biker shorts set, a sweater, cropped t-shirts and more. Ugh, we want, strike that, need it all.

She might not cook or clean, but Cardi sure can make a hit track that gets people talking. Since the release of “WAP,” Cardi’s been hit with a few negative remarks and criticisms, which doesn’t seem to have her too worried. She’s probably too busy focusing on her record breaking single becoming one of he biggest hits of 2020.

Can’t blame her, “WAP” has nabbed the highest streaming debut of the year as well as the highest debut week for a female artist. So while Cardi focuses on her success and providing us with goodies to both wear and listen to, we’ll focus on explaining the hefty purchase receipts. What?! Don’t start, we do need it all, it rains a lot.

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